Our multidisciplinary approach and expertise enable us to offer specialist, integral advice on compliance and corporate governance, providing clients with the value and confidence that comes from a global approach to this specialist area, Here, we offer legal advisory and consulting services to our clients, be they private sector  companies or public institutions and agencies, both on the domestic front and the international stage.

As far as compliance and corporate governance is concerned, among other matters, we advise on the design and drafting of codes of good corporate governance (bylaws, shareholders’ meeting regulations, board and committee regulations, codes of ethics and codes of conduct); we periodically review such codes, bringing them into line with the prevailing requirements and recommendations; we assist with the production of annual compliance and corporate governance and compensation reports, as well as the preparation of policies on directors’ compensation, the introduction and adaptation of corporate governance principles at unlisted companies, and so on and so forth. Along similar lines, we also provide global legal assistance with the preparation of shareholders’ meetings, helping our clients deal with and resolve any type of compliance and corporate governance-related issues they may have.